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Sterlite Technologies is the only company which serves industries by providing additional high voltage data and power transmission. This makes Sterlite to make its place among high growth geographies and industries. Recently Sterlite Grid completed India’s first Ultra Mega Power Transmission project.

This company tries to make its business big and successful thus in 2010, they initiated a joint company to proceed to manufacture, market and distribute optical fibre in China. Another collaboration in July 2013, with Condusper Condutores Electrics opens its chance to manufacture of optical fibre cable in Brazil.

Sterlite Technologies and Vedanta Resource plc are belongs to the same family and are diversified and recognized natural resource group globally. As a public company, Sterlite is listed in BSE and NSE in Mumbai.

For global telecom and power transmission networks, the products, solutions and infrastructures are provided by Sterlite Technologies Limited(STL). In the markets of India, China and Brazil STL makes its reputed leadership by offering optical fibre, Fibre Optic cables, Power Conductors and HV/EHV power cables.

For high speed broad band connectivity STL is trying to discover new methods of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) formation. As one of the most united Optical Fibre Company globally, Sterlite is expanding numerous transmission infrastructure projects which is spanned over 5000 Circuit Kilo meters across India.

Contact Number : +91-260-6612000

Fax :+91-260-6612013

Email id

Office Address : Sterlite Technologies ,Godrej millennium,

9,koregaon road,



Website address :



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