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Patel engineering Limited is founded in 1949 and it makes its place among the best infrastructure and construction services conglomerates in all over the India. It has an experience of number of years to encompass all the Infrastructure Industry sectors like dams, tunnels, micro-runnels, irrigation projects, highway, bridge, road, railway, hydro-electric projects, refineries and also real estates and townships.

Clients are benefited by the most reliable solutions for their complex challenges in construction field. The strong and traditional , modern and creative construction method make this company a recognizable leader among this sectors. This company is specialized in hydro-electric, transportation, and water treatment projects as well as Building, township, malls and structure among the Real estate projects. The delivery system is fresh and up to dated with modern technologies.

Project inception from clients are very much supported. The network office of this company offers strong local presence and broad geographic reach to the clients. These two advantages proved very helpful and make this company more reputed in past few years. Patel engineering Ltd love to take the challenges and find solutions for the difficult projects by providing the modern day infrastructure. Its projects for governments and commercial customers are very helpful in rising of local economical system thus quality of life improved.

The team managers of each projects are the highly experience professional personnel serving for many year. They gain a lot of experience from geographical surveying and other construction field. Sub contractors are also have years of experience in this field. All the experiences, hard works and positive approach help the company to complete over 250 successful projects.

Patel engineering Ltd is promised to the highest standard of safety, quality, environment and health by UK based BSI. BSI also awarded this company with IMS certificates (ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational, Health and Safety Management System ).

This public company’s stocks are available for public on Mumbai stock exchange and National Stock exchange.

Office address

Patel Engineering Ltd.

Patel Estate, Jogeshwari

Mumbai 400 102

Offical phone number :+91-22-2676 7500

Email address

Website address :




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