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Arrow is a revolutionary brand that gives the idea of detached collar from a shirt for the first time. This revolutionary idea gives a simpler way to clean a shirt without cleaning it entirely. The brand was launched at market in 1885 and it became one of the pioneering brands from then. This brand is now one of the leading apparel brands that spread their business over 122 countries across the globe. There are near about 392 free-standing stores of this brand across the world. Arrow is the most fashionable apparel and apparel related products providers for men, women and kids. The brand’s look and appearance reminds the perfect reflection of optimism and youthfulness of the spirit of American fashion. Pursuing the rich history of American innovative style Arrow renovated three traditional vintage shirts to sale in Urban Outfitters in 2010. The history of Arrow gets an emotional touch when “The Great Gatsby” was released from Warner Brother Entertainment in2013. There is a replication of the brand’s advertisement at the famous Times Square in New York. Joseph Christian Leyendecker was the artist behind the original advertisement of Arrow brand. Now this brand becomes a popular symbol of American masculine never sacrifice style. In the year 2013, Arrow Collar Man achieved 2ndposition in bestselling men’s dress in United States chain and department stores.

Office Address

Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.
11th floor Du Parc Trinity,
No. 17, MG Road
Bangalore – 560001

Tel : 080-41550694, 41527739, 41522266

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